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  • Hello Beta Testers and Supporters,

    This group is for beta testing of the AML BITCOIN PHASE 3

    We are excited to announce that Phase 3 of the beta testing has started. It has been a great start into 2020 already with us now being ready to skyrocket into new and more extensive testing procedures to push towards the launch of the AML BITCOIN. We are also very pleased to announce the introduction of our very own compliant DIGITAL CURRENCY CREATION ENGINE.



    • Our sandbox environment is now fully operational for testers which includes the creation of your very own identity based digital currency as well as mining capabilities.
    • All transactions are being monitored to detect various forms of suspicious activity between all senders and the receivers.
    • We are now offering the testing of our mining capabilities within our sandbox environment. How mining works: You acquire a virtual mining key from us, start mining and 90 percent of the earnings which are based off probability go directly to the miners wallet and 10 percent go to help fund the system compliance fees.
    • The testing will include us randomly adjusting all transaction fees and all fees related to the creation of AML assets in order to stay competitive in the market.

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