IMPORTANT NOTE TO RESIDENTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE UNITED KINGDOM: This privacy policy contains important information about your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the equivalent laws of the United Kingdom (the “GDPR”). Please see our GDPR Notice below for more information about these rights.

This PRIVACY POLICY (this “Policy”) describes the kinds of information that Chainbook (“we;” “us;” “our;” the “Company;”) collects about our users (“you”). By using, any of its related or affiliated domains, webpages, or sub-domains, or any other website that we own or operate (collectively, the “Website”), you agree to this Policy. Your acceptance of each term and condition of this Policy is a continuing acceptance, meaning that each time you access the Website, you accept the then-current version of this Privacy Policy, which was last updated October 13, 2019.

What kinds of information do we collect about you?.

Any information that you enter into any text field on the Website will be collected by the Company for internal use except where noted otherwise in this notice. Because the Website is a platform service, any text, images, video, links, or any other content (collectively, “Content”) that you post onto the Website will be collected for purposes of showing that Content to other users. Content that you post to the Website may be visible to all or some other users, and to the Company, depending upon your privacy settings.

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Information that you enter into the Website at the point of account creation will be used to create a customer profile for you, except for your password. Information that we request at the time of account creation may an email address and other contact information, your name, a display name, and a profile picture. The Company maintains records of its customer profiles to facilitate quick or automatic logins by customers, for purposes of counting the number of its customer profiles, and so that the Website and the Company can remember this information for future visits to the website. Please see our Cookie Policy below for more information about what information we collect and use to expedite Website functions. If you delete your account, the company may retain your profile information for

future use, including for counting the number of customer accounts that have been deactivated. We also collect information about your uses of the Website. This includes information about the other users with whom you connect or share Content, including that Content itself. This may include information about you supplied by other users. For example, if another user posts Content to your profile and you view or engage with that Content, we will collect that information.

We also collect information about the Content that you view while using the Website. We collect information about how long you use the Website. We may collect certain non-personal information about your Website usage, such as an IP address or similar information. Please see below for more information about the kinds of non non-personal information that we collect about you.

If you make any purchases through the Website or purchase any of our products or services, we will collect your payment information for purposes of completing that transaction and maintaining a customer profile for you.

We also collect information about inputs that you make to the Website other than Content. For example, if you receive and accept a Friend request, we will collect information about that request and your acceptance of that request to ensure that Content you choose to share with Friends appears on your Friends’ Chainbook feed. We will also use this information to display the names of other users that you might know, and to display your name and a link to your profile of people who might know you, based on mutual Friends and mutually shared Content.

We also post content that may be visible to many users, including users that are not Friends. This may include Content that we choose to display as “Most Popular” content, which we show to many users including users who you may not have added as Friends.

If we choose to display promotional content or advertisements, we may use information about the kinds of Content that you view, and your own Content, to determine the advertising experience that is most relevant to your interests.

What kinds of non-personal information do we collect about you?

The Company collects certain non-personal information about you. By “non-personal information,” we mean information about you that cannot be used, and is not stored, in a way that can identify you personally.

The Website will collect information about your location based on your IP address. An IP address is a user-supplied identifier that allows the Company to know, in general terms, where its users are located. An IP address is not the same as a physical address, and is not the same as either your shipping address or your billing address. The Company uses your IP address for internal purposes such as knowing which countries provide certain percentages of its users. The Company does not distribute your IP address to any other person. The Company does not verify your IP address or connect it to your shipping or billing address for purposes of checkout if you purchase any products or services from us. Your IP is not and cannot be used by the Company to identify you personally. The Company’s web host will also know your IP address for purposes of logging visits to the Website from your IP address and for preventing distributed denial-of-service attacks, which are disruptive attacks on websites caused by very large numbers of simultaneous visits to the Website.

The Company collects information about users such as the number of users visiting the Website at any given time, the times during which visitors visit the Website, the length of time that users use the Website, which pages they visit, which products they order, and what other actions they take while using the Website. This information is collected by the Website and is provided in an anonymized form to the Companys data analytics provider, which is Google Analytics (the “Data Analytics Provider”). This information is used by the Company to track the engagement, general geographic origin, and headcount of its users. This information is combined together to provide general demographic information on the Websites users. This information is not and cannot be used to identify you specifically. The Data Analytics Provider is a third party for purposes of the GDPR.

How is your information shared?

Content that you post to the Website is shared with your Friends, and in some cases with other users as described above. If you and another user have mutual Friends or share Content that we determine to be relevantly similar, we may share your name and a link to your profile with that user to suggest people you may know.

We also share Content and other information internally. We may review Content internally to determine that Content does not violate this Policy or our Terms and Conditions.

If we elect to provide promotional content or advertising, we may share information about the kinds of Content that you post and use, information related to your general geographic location as we infer it from your IP address, and other information that

you supply to the Website to ensure that promotional content or advertisements are relevant to your interests.

We will also respond to a valid subpoena or other valid governmental requests for information. If we receive a valid subpoena or other valid governmental request for information about you, we may not disclose this request to you.

If we elect to provide for integration with other third-party apps or other services with the Website, we may share your Content or other information with those third-party apps or other services depending on their own terms and conditions. We will not share your information with any third-party apps or other services without first informing you.

If we have a good-faith belief that a user has posted Content or otherwise used the Website in a way that makes us believe that a user has engaged, or is about to engage, in criminal activity or other serious wrongdoing, we may share that information with the relevant authorities. If we do so, we may not inform you when we share that information.

Cookie Policy

The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that the Website places in your browser in order to track your activity across multiple separate pages within the same instance of the Website. For example, if you navigate to a sub-page of the Website with a fillable form that you then submit, a cookie will be used to connect the browser activity that filled that form with the browser activity that acknowledges our receipt of the same form. Cookies are used to maintain consistency across a session of Website use. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about our Cookie policy and for information about our Cookie Policy. You may instruct your browser not to accept, or to delete, Cookies. The Website may become unstable or suffer diminished functionality if you delete or prevent the use of Cookies.


Nothing in this notice should be construed as amending, modifying, replacing, or otherwise affecting the terms and conditions of any transactions between you and the Company, except that to the extent any such terms and conditions are inconsistent with the General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union and the equivalent rules of the United Kingdom and any other applicable jurisdiction (altogether, the “GDPR”) those terms and conditions are VOID.

Instructions For Exercising Your Right To Instruct Us To Forget Your Information

The GDPR provides a generalized “right to be forgotten,” meaning that you have the right to instruct us to delete any and all information that the Company, the Website, or any of the third parties collects about you. Please contact us by email at [email protected], by phone at in order to instruct us to forget any or all of the information that the Company, the Website, or any of the third parties collects about you.

YOUR CALIFORNIA PRIVACY RIGHTS This Privacy Policy describes how we may share your information for marketing purposes. You may contact us with any questions and, to the extent applicable, to request a list of third parties to whom we may disclose information for marketing purposes and the categories of information we may disclose. Users under the age of 13 who are subject to the laws of the State of California may not use the Website. If you are under the age of 13, or if you are contacting us on behalf of someone who is under the age of 13, please contact us at [email protected]